Saturday, May 28, 2011


Yeah! GOTCHA !!!
But still got various of obstacles to go through...
I swear I will overcome it together with her....
As she say, nothing will break our relationship and
We have to encourage each other and chant more for each other and our relationship.
.... Don't know what to write... Thats it ^^

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Erm, so far so good.
Everything goes under control and my expectation.
I bet there is more improvement coming soon.
Just eager for it very much.^^
Hope my next post is a victory report Haha

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Should I ???

I was like thinking : Should I say it out or not???
And she was like thinking (maybe la) : Why till now you still don't want to say???

So the conclusion is, I'm totally confusing.... Should I said it or not, scare later get BOOM from her... 
Somebody help me!!! But I bet nobody can help me ><

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Yes or No ?
Do or Don't ?
Say or Dont't Say ?
Think or Don't Think ?


Saturday, March 26, 2011



Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Chosen One

Who is THE ONE actually??? What am I thinking of ??? Hope this can be solve as soon as possible.

The Chosen One

Who is THE ONE actually??? What am I thinking of ??? Hope this can be solve as soon as possible.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Prefects Leadership Camp @ The Woods Resort, Ulu Yam

2011 Prefects Leadership Camp

Venue : The Woods Resorts, Ulu Yam
Date   : 10.3.2011- 12.3.2011

Group's Name : Pegasix (originally came from the word Pegasus and Six)
Group's Member : Me, Eu Hui, Jia Jun, Huey Yin, V Lyn, Min Qii, Zi Qin, Yi Ling, Vincent, Zheng Chee, Kuan Yu, Mien Lie, Chien Yee

Day 1
Reach school at 6.30am, check all the things, bring all the stuffs to bus at 7.00am ++. Depart at 8am. At bus we chat and play. We also ate the junk food but we cant finish it and end up rampas by the Form 5 seniors. >< Reach there bout 9 and brought our stuffs to the car park and continue with built the camp. After that pack our stuffs to the camp and gather at dewan to have our lunch and talk about the Investment Planning (one of the games) After having lunch then started the first activities: River traveling. I think it was the most challenging game for me since it was my first experience. I only have several experience in jungle trekking but not river traveling. So it is a very precious memories to me. It was very challenging and fun. The water is very fresh and cool. We have some rest and play at the water fall. After the travelled is Station Games. The station game was quite fun and all the group managed to play 4 stations only. My group lost won 1 station but lost 3 stations >< But it is ok because the members did really enjoy the games. After that is dinner and bath time, I didnt bath haha, I just have my dinner because I know it would took lots of time to bath and this and that. So I just change a new clothes. Ceramah time comes, I think it should be the "sleep time" as well but I realise that my thought was wrong. Finally I met a best speaker in my life. The teacher is very great, she looks like know everything about our board. I like her very much. I should salute to her. Ceramah ends and there is sometimes for malam kebudayaan discussion. I used that time for rest ><. After that is the last activity for the day which is Detective. I'm waiting for it since it is very interesting and challenging. After all the discussion and witness all the scenes, my group concluded the answers and all group came with a tie because all groups only managed to guest right 1 answers. Sleep times comes but I only have sometimes(dunno how many hours) and wake up for night guard. Jia Jun and I woke up for about 20 minutes and end up sleeping again >< The end of the 1st day.

Day 2 + Day 3
Woke up at don't know what time. Of course morning comes with a morning exercise led by each group's leaders. Morning comes with rain also. So we went to the Dewan for rest and wait for our breakfast. In the mean time the speaker met some of us again for the discussion about the coming motivation activities with the afternoon session prefects. Had some great time with the speaker again. But on the other hand my group's flag being stolen by the Form 5 seniors during our absence and we use 5000 cash to exchange back our flag. Had our breakfast and start the first activity of the day which is Jungle trekking. I think it is a easy job for me since I have about 5 experience >< But I really enjoy it very much cause it is a new track and 1st time jungle trekking in rainy day. What a freshy experience. I think it took about 2 hours ++. After jungle trekking we have our lunch. Then the event continues with Treasure Hunt. This year treasure hunt is the best because the activites is very interesting and their motto  is to build up our character in prefects. Thanks to the seniors. All group almost end the final phase in the same time and we went to the river to find the treasure which is a fruit. I searched a place where there is a stacks of rocks, then Khai Shin told me not to do so because it is dangerous. I follow his orders and search in another place. And the treasure finally found....... in the place which I searched BEFORE... ARGHHHHH. Wait, let me see who found it... OMG, is my group member YAHOO. Kuan Yu found it haha, Thanks to him very much (he is also the one who is very noisy and let my flag being stoled) Don't know should thanks him or angry with him !@#$^&(. After the treasure hunt finish, we went for bath and this time i really need to bath because my face is full with white flour due to 1 of the games in treasure hunt. The water is damm cool and all the boys in bath room like mad already ><|||. After that we have our dinner and the event should continue with Masakan Rimba but because of rainy day, it have to be cancel from the whole event and we end up with contnue the Malam Kebudayaan. Honestly this year's Malam Kebudayaan is the worst in my experience because it is not "high" at all. Only several performance including my group and Yee Kai's group combine performance which is Battle Dance, Yew Leong's group drama, and JieJian and JunYan's group drama make the atmosphere higher. Other groups like no preparation at all especially group 8. Haiz..... What a disappointment. Event continue with some games. My group only managed to answer 1 question so only 10 marks. Thanks to all the Form 5 seniors for making us the chicken and hotdog for us to eat. Although it is not very delicous and not so bad of course, but I really never think you guys would make us some food. Really thanks you seniors. After that is OBH, I thought it cancel already. In OBH, I like half sleep half awake, when they ask me sit down and I end with sleep for don't know how long. Finally it is sleep time after the event. Jia Jun, Yong Yi, Yee Kai and I put our sleeping bag nicely already and we went for toilet. When we came back and WTF, Hao Yang the KS kia slept our place. And Yew Yee ask us want barbeque or not since we have no place to sleep and there is extra chicken. So we guys with Yew Yee, Eu Hui and Hui Yee end up the day with barbeque and chit chat. I think it was the most special, fun and relax time in the whole camp. I slept for 1 hour only which is 6am and woke up at 7am. As usual, morning exercise first and continue with physical training, it was so so for me but my group seems like very tired. Can't blame them because many of them say it was a SIAO's training. Breakfast of course after the crazy training. After that we start the last activity of the camp- Human Hunt. As usual, recognize the AJK's face from their baby picture. Yee Kai is the first group who finish the game and my group is the 2nd. Lunch time and continue with the Majlis Penutupan. Mr. Chia gives the speech and Wei Yeap as the chairman also gives the speech. Then the most nervous time came which is the prize giving ceremony. And the winner goes to.....
Best Boy: Tee Chen Giap from Uni5
Best Girl: Yong Zi Ru from Nitro7
Most Earning Group: Uni5
Treasure Hunt's Winner: Pegasix
Best Group: Tarzan
Congratz to all the groups and person. Congratz to Yee Kai too. ^^
The camp has comes to an end. Thanks to the teachers and Form 5 seniors who plan this camp and put in lots of effort. Thanks to them very much. And also the Form 4, Form 3 and Form 2 members. Without them, this camp will not come true also. Next year is our turn to organize the camp. Hope we can do better then the seniors and let this Prefectorial Board longlive in SMJK Kwang Hua. 

PegaSix ROCKSSSS!!!!!!! SMJK Kwang Hua's Prefectorial Board ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


兔 :喂!老虎,siam 啦!你的时代过了,现在是我“哇西(广东话)”。


新年快乐! ”
2011 年是兔子“show off” 的时候了。哈哈